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Walking to End Homelessness and MIA


What a week. I’ve been MIA lately thanks to several interesting events and occurrences.


First, I was down in San Diego the beginning of this week attending the IACP conference for work. IACP stands for “International Association of Chiefs of Police”. In other words, I was swimming in popo for 2 days. All in all it was extremely boring, but Monday night I attended an event in Petco Park (home of the San Diego Padres) with free food and beer, a live band, batting and pitching cages, and complete access to the field. Stood on home plate and kneeled to run my hand through the amazing rich, thick outfield grass. For any baseball fan, it’s a thing of beauty and Petco is an amazing park. It’s only a few years old and they did a great job of incorporating the Gas Lamp district feel to the place (it’s only a block away). I still need to get down there to watch a game one of these days.


Wednesday I worked from home, but ended up dealing with so many things that I never got much online time. Between wedding plans, which have swung into high gear, and playing catch up thanks to missing two days in the office, I ended up dealing with a whole week of craziness.


At any rate, softball has been a bust all week. Transformer blew out on the field last Friday night so there are still no lights to play under. I’ve been calling to see if they’re back up and running yet, but no luck getting in touch with anyone so far. Later I’ll either be playing a 9:15 game, or spending time with W on my birthday…


Oh yes, today’s my birthday. No big deal really. Just another day.


Tomorrow I’ll be walking in the 2nd Annual HomeWalk LA. It’s a charity event to help end homelessness by moving people off the streets and into permanent housing where they can get additional assistance in turning their lives around. If you are interested in donating to the cause, feel free to visit: http://homewalkla.kintera.org/daveleary


I committed to doing this months ago, and it’s one of the annual charity events I make it a habit of going to, however I’ll also be thinking about everyone who will be attending the various Anti Prop Hate(8) rally’s around the world at the same time. I’d love to be joining them as well, but since human cloning is still “unethical”, I’ll only be with them all in spirit. Fight on!!


Howdy!!! Happy late birthday!!

So, the protest rally I went to was awesome, it was wicked hot though, so we only stayed for 2 hours, but it felt good to yell and hold signs.. he hee!

I would have loved to have done both. We passed the rally in down town as we were heading back home from the HomeWalk.

And thanks. :)

December 2008

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