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Yea for dark, moody, gothy Halloween music! It feels oh so good.

I have no idea of exactly what point my Wednesday night softball team started to turn it around, but the last three weeks we’ve managed to win our games. The key is that we’re defending much better. For instance, last night we had no errors and never once let a ball get past us in the outfield. Doing those kinds of things can easily save 8 to 10 runs a game and have been keeping us competitive with our opponents. I can only guess that it started the week before the streak began, as our confidence level increased. We did some good things in that game, even though we lost, and our new players are starting to find their roles. Now the momentum is carrying us and our confidence is growing to the point where next week I’m sure we’ll continue playing well. We’ll believe we can…


Of course, after each game we’ve been hearing the grumbles of players on the other side who feel they got beat by a much weaker team, which could be the case, but it’s rude as hell to state such, purposefully in ear shot of the team their talking about. Sad.


Two days of growth going. By tomorrow I should have a decent enough forest of stubble on my face to match Dr. House. I’ve been brainstorming how to do my hair right, mussed up like I just rolled out of bed, without actually having just rolled out of bed. I want to at least start my day clean…I need to do some tests this evening.


Speaking of this evening, I also want to try and grab a pumpkin and do a quick Jack. Just something to bring a bit more festivity to my entryway than the green porch light I installed over the weekend. Maybe if I get all this done tonight, I’ll have sufficient bags under my eyes tomorrow for my costume…



December 2008

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