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Favorite Day of the Year

Ah, Halloween. Something in the air sets this day off from any other for me. It’s a day of being someone else, watching everyone embrace the macabre, and all around good times! Riding the train as Dr. House has so far been uneventful. I’m not sure many people realize what I am, but then I don’t have my jacket on right now and I’m not walking with the cane, so it’s a bit disjointed. However, there are others like me on the train: Crazy enough to dress up and ride the rails to work on Halloween. Bless us all!


A full on engineering nerd is riding in my car. This guy is a regular rider and he went all out, finding a 1970’s plaid suit complete with suspenders, pencil protector (loaded with a full complement of geek utensils) and classic thick black glasses with tape wrapping the bridge. He’s been receiving lots of smiles and comments.


There’s a woman dressed in a dark wizard robe, who I think is an actual witch in real life. A Wiccan I’m guessing. She’s rocking the robe, which makes me think she wears it often, say for the solstices. Fascinating.


Then there was the brief appearance of Slash from GNR/Velvet Revolver. I didn’t realize he had put on so much weight though. Must be all that party action. His manager should get on that.  


Should be an interesting day. I’ll try to check back in later with an update and promise to post photos over the weekend.



December 2008

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